Sub Zero Built In Refrigerators

Built-in Sub Zero RefrigeratorsBuilt in refrigerators fit into the existing cabinetry that’s already installed within your kitchen. Typically the side and top panels are unfurnished, so that the cabinet maker can effortlessly incorporate them into the current layout. These units are special because of their ability to blend in, appear natural and also save space.

Purchasing a built in Sub Zero Refrigerator will be an incredible upgrade and something that will bring joy into your life.

There are three types available:

  • Counter depth
  • All-refrigerator
  • Custom

When deciding on the right option for your kitchen, you really need to evaluate how much you’re willing to pay and whether you want to sacrifice design, energy efficiency and features for things like depth and width.

Before making any kind of decision or even before you start seriously browsing, take the time to measure the counter depth where you want to put the unit. You want this to match as close as possible to the actual depth of the fridge.

Remember that when compared to an integrated refrigerator, the Sub-Zero has an overlay application that lets the unit blend in.

However they do not conform and become totally flush with the existing cabinetry (via GardenWeb). For some people this is an issue, with others it’s not. It all depends on personal taste.

These are the available Sub Zero Built-In Refrigerators.

Sub Zero ModelCategoryTypePrice
BI-36R Built-InRefrigerator$6,100 ~ $7,190
BI-36RG Built-InRefrigerator (+GD)$7,295 – $7,925
BI-36Built-InFreezer$6,430 – $7,500
BI-30 Built-InCombo$7,840 – $9,250
BI-30UG Built-InCombo (+GD)$8,825 – $9,860
BI-36U Built-InCombo$8,055 – $9,580
BI-36UG Built-InCombo (+GD)$9,175 – $10,285
BI-36UFDBuilt-InCombo (+FD)$8,575 – $10,060
BI-36SBuilt-InCombo (+SbS)$7,925 – $9,380
BI-42S Built-InCombo (+SbS)$8,535 – $10,030
BI-42SDBuilt-InCombo (+SbS)$11,290 – $9,625
BI-42SIDBuilt-InCombo (+SbS)$9,090 – $10,660
BI-48S Built-InCombo (+SbS)$8,975 – $10,615
BI-48SDBuilt-InCombo (+SbS)$10,135 – $11,900
BI-48SIDBuilt-InCombo (+SbS)$9,560 – $11,260