Fridge freezer with water dispenser review

Buying the fridge freezer water dispenser is like having a Picasso in your kitchen

If you have a glamorous home and a stylish kitchen and you need a fridge that’s comes across as a work of art – artistically slender and neatly compact on the outside but is roomy and compliments your culinary artistry – you probably need a fridge freezer with ice and water dispensed through its door.

It’s a choice that automatically moves you into a premium high value segment of fridge owners that value style, quality and features regardless of the price tag. As far as this fridge is concerned it will be love at first sight!

Why the fridge freezer water dispenser commands a high premium

Choosing such a fridge is a lifestyle decision and it will be a product designed and built to last a lifetime. You get a combination of a freezer and fridge with doors side by side and another outstanding feature – the cool water and ice dispenser integrated into the door. The fridge will feature a dual compressor enhancing power, performance and energy efficiency and pricier models will have a built in microprocessor that can be pre programmed to control the temperature within various zones.

The fridge freezer water dispenser review

You can choose two ways to have the water come in through the door – one will be with a reservoir positioned inside the door which means less space inside the freezer compartment. But this will be easier to access, remove and clean periodically. Other models will have the tank positioned at the bottom and usually this will be fixed and irremovable.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of these units:

Features you will love

  • The sheer convenience of having access to cold water (and hot water in some models) whenever you need it.
  • Lots of ice cubes at your disposal, on demand, any time you choose to serve soft drinks and liquor.
  • Ice and water that tastes better because of advanced filtration systems that work 24/7, and won’t let you down.
  • Some models feature crushed ice that’s immensely helpful when you have a party going all night long.

Areas that will demand your time and attention

  • The water may drip and overflow your tray’s holding capacity.
  • The water may leak through or the ice may get stuck in the dispenser cavity if valves malfunction.
  • No access to Ice if it accumulates as a solid mass when the temperature falls too low.
  • Energy consumption may increase if you use the ice feature too frequently. Warm air may gush up the dispensing Shute creating humidity problems within the dispenser.
  • Periodical changing of water filters can be pricey.
  • The system will demand regular cleaning and servicing for it to work optimally.

Tips to select the best fridge freezers your money can buy

  • The frost-free freezer is definitely the most useful feature to have as this protects your food items from frost bite and saves you the drudgery of needing to defrost the freezer manually and frequently.
  • It’s a bonus having separate chiller compartments for keeping poultry and fish items extremely cold while maintaining cooked items at a relatively cooler temperature within the freezer compartment and fridge.
  • You can use a fridge freezer energy savings app to assess what different models will cost you in terms of power consumption over a longer period, and to calculate whether operational expenses and the cost price match up to your budget.
  • Models that promise you the best energy ratings and which offer more usable space will be the most efficient.

The Top Rated Refrigerators of the Year

The GE Profile PFE29PSDSS – The best rated French door



Stylishly curved looks and very energy efficient with a reliable cold water dispenser that won’t aggravate you with spillage issues; it also offers a hot water dispenser which definitely adds value for your money. The interiors will be roomy and well planned with compartments that store items without losing flavor or texture. The conveniently accessible sliding crisper is a bonus (MSRP $3,099).



Specs: GE French door – Stand alone, shipping weight; 390 pounds, product dimensions; 0.4 x 74 x 39 inches.

The Frigidaire Professional FPHS2399PF – The best side-by-side

As honest and reliable as the good earth, this is an excellent model from Frigidaire with a stylish two door fit, stainless steel finish and excellent temperature control mechanisms that preserve food efficiently. From cold cuts to cheeses to cooked foods – you have the luxury of storing them at the right temperature without risk of spoilage. Very affordable and surprisingly inexpensive to operate, this is outstanding value for money (MSRP $1,699).

Frigidaire Professional FPHS2399PF

Frigidaire Professional FPHS2399PF

Specs: Frigidaire French door side by side, Size: 26 Cu. Ft., product dimensions; 28-3/4 x 69-7/8 x 33 inches.

Frigidaire Professional FPHS2399PF

Frigidaire Professional FPHS2399PF

The Samsung RF32FMQDBSR – the best innovator award

This massive four door marvel is easily one of the most innovative products to grace the market. It’s incredible power saving features ensure your food doesn’t suffer freezer burns. Interior shelves are slidable and adjustable. Boasts the innovative fridge to freezer compartment that helps you stock up for any party or entertainment night. There’s plenty of space to suit larger families and efficient temperature controls to preserve a wide variety of food stuffs and condiments in pristine condition. Good power savings (more than single doors) and incredibly stable performance (MSRP $3,999).



Specs: Samsung French four door, Size: 32 cu. ft., CEE rating; rated as Tier 1- Most Efficient, shipping weight: 406 pounds, product dimensions: 37 x 35.8 x 72.8 inches.

fridge-freezer-with-water-dispenser-icePurchasing a fridge freezer water dispenser places a host of benefits at your command, particularly when cooking and culinary extravaganzas consume much of your time and energy and you need a fridge that gives you the best all round service. Such appliances help you store more food materials and preserve the freshness of cooked foods without compromising energy efficiency. You will love the convenience of having an endless supply of ice and water throughout the day.

Accessing ice in the form of cubes and getting crushed ice can breathe life into any party, get-together or family reunion. Pure and filtered fresh water ensures your family stays healthy and perky all through hot and humid summer. The sheer convenience of these features and ease of access will ensure that your family, especially the children, will stay hydrated and healthy when they need water and wholesome farm fresh food. Closely study these pros and cons before deciding a fridge water dispenser appliance that suits your requirements.

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