Integrated Sub Zero Refrigerators

Sub Zero Integrated Refrigerator and Freezer Unit

Integrated refrigerators fit within a regular 24″ cabinet and blend in completely with the doors and other columns. If you want a really smooth look inside of your kitchen, then this is probably what you should consider. Other refrigerator units will extend beyond that size, but often provide more space.

They are considered an extremely high end product because they aren’t as functional as traditional standalone units. Sub Zero was the first company to introduce these to the United States market. Integrated refrigerators have a lot less space and aren’t as practical as what you’ll find from GE, Frigidaire or LG. This blog post does a great job comparing the options you have.

Major benefits:

  • Refrigeration anywhere you need it
  • Designed to merge seamlessly with your décor
  • Freshness technology from the food preservation specialist
Sub Zero ModelCategoryTypePrice
700TCI IntegratedCombo$7,060.00
700TR IntegratedRefrigerator$6,890.00
700TFI IntegratedFreezer$6,985.00
IC-27RIntegratedRefrigerator (C)$6,600.00
IC-27FIIntegratedFreezer (C)$6,685.00
700BC(I)IntegratedCombo (Dws)$4,125 - $4,230
700BRIntegratedRefrigerator (Dws)$3,950.00
700BF(I)IntegratedFreezer (Dws)$3,985 - $4,090

You may also want to consider looking at all the available models or built-in refrigerators.