Sub Zero 736TFI All Freezer Prices and Review

Sub Zero 736TFI is a 36″ intergrated freezer with a retail price of $7,670. The annual electrical consumption is at 708 kWh per year, or just around $75 if you’re in the US.

With three wire shelves and comes with an ice maker. Customizable panel with option to choose from pro to tubular handles. Lights planted flat into the ceilings of drawers and cabinets will help with bright, even lighting.

You can see this elegant model right below and how it fits into a modern kitchen:

Sub Zero 736TFI All Freezer Prices and Review


  • Storage capacity of 21.5 cubic feet (Freezer).
  • Meets Department of Energy requirements.
  • Approved UL for US and Canada
  • Door alarm to let you know if drawer or door is open.
  • Sabbath and holiday-compliant.

The Sub Zero 736TFI has two, five and twelve-year residential warranty, please see the warranty terms and conditions.

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