Sub-Zero Makes Huffington Post List of Most Expensive Refrigerators

Sub Zero Pro 48 Refrigerators Pricing

The first refrigerator got a patent August 8, 1899 and since then has become a luxury unit made for all different types of people. Sub-Zero was lucky to make the list of the most expensive refrigerators available on the market right now. Along with the rest of them, the common thing is that they all have the french door display. Another feature that makes them stand out is the open window which allows you to see inside of the fridge.

On the Sub Zero Pro 48

You could pay for a couple semesters of college at a state school. Or, you could just keep your broccoli in view at all times, with this model’s glass door feature. I kind of like this design feature, as long as you are good about keeping your fridge attractively organized at all times.

Via HuffingtonPost

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