Sub Zero Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

While the actual maintenance schedule and tips will vary from Sub Zero fridge to freezer, there is a general set of protocols that you can follow to insure the longevity and production of your unit.

Every model of the Sub-Zero brand has automatic self-defrosting technology. This is a major upgrade compared to manual products and should be expected from any premium refrigerator. If you’re looking to purchase an appliance in the near future, make sure that this is one of the top things in your list you should look for.

How to move shelving areas for cleaning:

To remove a shelf or the dairy compartment, lift it up and out from the bottom. To reinstall, push it down into the guides.

Before cleaning the unit, shut the electricity off via the control panel. When you clean the condenser, wear gloves to avoid injury from the sharp condenser fins.

Sub Zero Refrigerator RepairStainless Steel Exterior Cleaning

You should use a soft non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner or polish and apply easily using a 100% lint free cloth. This will bring out the natural shine of the steel and prevent you from damaging the fixing. If you follow the grain directly, it will also be smoother in the long run.

Avoid using any regular cleaners like windex or dish detergents. If you should come into the situation where food or another substance is stuck on the exterior, use warm water and delicately remove it from the steel. You do not want to damage any part of the steel because as mentioned in the Sub Zero Warranty guide this is not covered for replacement after 60 days.


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