Sub Zero Refrigerator Prices

sub-zero-refrigerator-prices-pagePrices for the different Sub Zero Refrigerator models will vary depending on the customization required, what features you order and what the authorized dealer decides to charge.

At times you may see a higher or lower price in-store than what you’re able to find online. This is because those prices found online, are the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices. We have a useful table with all of them below.

While the prices for these fridges are typically higher than other similar ones by brands like LG, Samsung or Frigidaire, Sub-Zero is like the Mercedes Benz of the kitchen or the Macbook of the computer world.

If you know what type of refrigerator you’re looking for, navigate to the category below for more information on that model.

Types available:

Some models also come with special features that include; ice makers, french doors, outdoor capability, or freezer only.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Prices and Models

Sub Zero ModelCategoryTypePrice
700TCI IntegratedCombo$7,060.00
700TR IntegratedRefrigerator$6,890.00
700TFI IntegratedFreezer$6,985.00
IC-27RIntegratedRefrigerator (C)$6,600.00
IC-27FIIntegratedFreezer (C)$6,685.00
700BC(I)IntegratedCombo (Dws)$4,125.00
700BRIntegratedRefrigerator (Dws)$3,950.00
700BF(I)IntegratedFreezer (Dws)$4,090.00
BI-36R Built-InRefrigerator$7,190.00
BI-36RG Built-InRefrigerator (+GD)$7,925.00
BI-30 Built-InCombo$9,250.00
BI-30UG Built-InCombo (+GD)$9,860.00
BI-36U Built-InCombo$9,580.00
BI-36UG Built-InCombo (+GD)$10,285.00
BI-36UFDBuilt-InCombo (+FD)$10,060.00
BI-36SBuilt-InCombo (+SbS)$9,380.00
BI-42S Built-InCombo (+SbS)$10,030.00
BI-42SDBuilt-InCombo (+SbS)$9,625.00
BI-42SIDBuilt-InCombo (+SbS)$10,660.00
BI-48S Built-InCombo (+SbS)$10,615.00
BI-48SDBuilt-InCombo (+SbS)$11,900.00
BI-48SIDBuilt-InCombo (+SbS)$11,260.00
UC-24BG UndercounterBeverage$2,265.00
UC-24ROUndercounterRefrigerator (Outdoor)$2,715.00
UC-15IUndercounterIce Maker$3,565.00
UC-15IOUndercounterIce Maker (Outdoor)$3,825.00
700BC(I)UndercounterCombo (Dws)$4,230.00
700BRUndercounterRefrigerator (Dws)$3,950.00
700BF(I)UndercounterFreezer (Dws)$4,090.00
In the event that multiple prices were available, the highest was taken. These are the manufacturer suggested retail prices only. What you find at the vendor may be different from what is posted on this website.