Sub Zero UC15 Ice Maker Outdoor Price and Review

The Sub Zero UC-15IO is a 14 3/4″ width undercounter ice maker, that’s extremely usable mainly for outdoors. Its retail price is usually between $3,085 and $3,825.

This undercounter ice maker outdoor has the overall height of 33 5/8″ and overall depth of 23″. It has the minimun door space of 18″ and has the ice storage capacity of 25 lbs. This great model also has the opening width of 15 1/4″, opening height of 34 1/2″ and opening depth of 24″.

According to the above dimensions, this ice maker will require a minimun height of (levelers in) of 33 5/8″. If you are considering shipping, its weight is 100 lbs, so it might be a bit expensive to have it shipped to your home.

Have a look at it right below, without a background commercial space:



  • Can be suited with a custom overlay or stainless steel doorway front panel.
  • Timeless stainless steel door panel with tubular, bent or spherical readily available as sales accessories.
  • 24″ depth style for a total elegant look.
  • Solid center doorway with gasket and doorway with fine details.
  • Gravitation Drainpipe.
  • Automatic ice equipment supplies top quality, clear ice.
  • Ice storage container capacity of approximately 25 pounds.
  • Automatic defrost.
  • Reversible door swing.
  • Front ventilation with removable kickplate enables system to be serviced from the front.


  • Standard stainless steel doorway front panels with tubular, spherical or bent in 15″ and 18″ widths.
  • Traditional stainless steel for tailor-made panel application.
  • Timeless stainless steel kickplate.
  • Filler strip for 18″ opening.

Interior Features:

Ice Machine:

  • LED Bin Light
  • Water Filter
  • Ice Scoop


Sub-Zero undercounter devices streamline life in your home by producing refrigeration wherever it’s needed. In the kitchen area, a high-volume ice device is a must for luxurious and effective food storage and refrigeration. The UC-15IO ice maker model has a storage capacity of approximately 25 pounds of ice. The advatage of this Sub Zero model to Sub Zero UC-15I, is that it could be used outdoors like your garden, patio, BBQ or near a pool!

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