Watch Out! Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Craigslist Scam

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair scam on craigslist that took place in Arizona

A few months ago Sonna Hosta’s Sub-Zero Refrigerator broke down and she had to find someone to come by and fix it. Hosta looked on craigslist for a specialist and found someone named “Bill Emerson” who said that he ran a family business. Mr. Emerson came to the house, wrote up a receipt and got to work.

Emerson told Hosta that after a few hours the refrigerator would be back to the right temperature again, billed her for $720 in fees + $19.95 for his services and then he left. Of course the refrigerator didn’t work as promised and Hosta has been trying to get her money back. The company has an F BBB rating and is a complete scam.


I have been very clear on this blog that you should never hire anyone to repair your Sub Zero refrigerator who is not factory certified. These are very special refrigerators, not the common kind found in department stores and require additional training in order to troubleshoot all of the issues.

Not only do you run the risk of being scammed, but if you try and get it repaired by someone who is not authorized by the company, you will void your warranty. If this happens, not only have you paid the scammer, but also you will have to pay extra money to get your fridge fixed properly. Do not settle for “cheap” options or “family companies”. The majority of them are scams setup to prey on your good intentions.

This event occurred in Phoenix, Arizona but similar things can occur anywhere.

via ABC15

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