10 Sub Zero Refrigerator Facts You Need To Know

Important facts and information about Sub Zero Refrigerators!

1.) Sub-Zero is possibly the most renowned brand in the world for refrigeration consumer products. 

2.) Performance has been questioned as some of the units have been noted to be particularly noisy.

The number one complaint about Sub Zero Refrigerators are the noise levels!

3.) Built-in units can be 80″ high, making them a remarkable site in the kitchen to all of your guests.

We recommend that if you’re going to spend the money for the best, you might as well splurge a little bit more and make everything flush with your existing cabinetry.

4.) Having a kitchen outfitted in Sub-Zero products can increase the value of your home to future buyers.

An awesome sub zero / wolf appliances kitchen

Who wouldn’t want to live in a space like this? A nice kitchen goes a long way with new homebuyers.

5.) People can’t believe how much longer fruit, vegetables and food will stay fresh in their Sub-Zero.

Reviews everywhere keep noting how amazed people are by how long tangible items last for. This is the reason why you can’t go back to a regular unit afterwords.

6.) Freezer units add zero moisture therefore eliminating all cases of the common “freezer burn”.

Tired of losing food in the freezer? Say goodbye to those problems and stop wasting money, by upgrading to a Sub-Zero fridge!


7.) If the unit needs to be repaired, you must use a certified technician or else you risk voiding your product warranty.

If you want to get your unit repaired, make sure you use a certified technician!

8.) Sub-Zero refrigerators maintain constant temperature within 3 degrees, Viking (a competitor) does it within one.

Does this make Viking a better brand? Or what about LG Refrigerators? Not necessarily, but all provide products that can fill the needs of different individuals. We all want different things you know?

9.) Two compressors means moist air stays in the fridge and dry air stays in the freezer. No one else matches this.

sub zero compressor

It doesn’t look too complicated right? This is the dual compressor that makes them stand out from all of the competitors.

10.) Sub-Zero units are built to last. Some people keep theirs for twenty years or more, others upgrade to newer models.

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