Sub Zero Wine Cooler Prices and Models

A wine being stored can be influenced by many factors. The three ones with the greatest impact on it are light, humidity and temperature.

By choosing to store your wine in a sub zero refrigerator or a wine cooling unit, you are guaranteeing its protection from the elements and an ultimate level of security.

Think about where your wine currently sits inside your home or even inside your refrigerator. Inside the house, rays of sun light may hit the wine during the day causing a disruption in flavor.

On the other hand, if it’s in your refrigerator, the gasses coming off of the other foods can impact the composition.

Of course, under no circumstances you want to drink wine that has been compromised by the elements. It would be worse, and even embarrassing, if you were to provide some of that to your guests who would be able to taste the difference immediately.

This is why we often say that some sort of professional storage outside of a regular wine rack is absolutely necessary.

Here’s something totally unique about the Sub-Zero units:

Did you know that Sub Zero Wine Coolers come with a new technology that allows you to sync the device to your home alarm system?

Any time someone without the proper access or credentials tries to access your wine, it can trigger an alarm.

We weren’t kidding when we told you that Sub Zero was like having a Mercedes Benz in your kitchen! Except this time, instead of having a car alarm, it comes with a wine alarm! How cool is that?

You probably haven’t thought about how much money you really have invested in your wine collection. Trust us though, thieves have and high priced wine moves very quickly without any way to get the items back.

In case electronics are stolen, they’re often traced to Craiglist, Ebay or a pawn shop… not with the wine though.

Sub Zero Wine Cooler Prices and Models

Sub Zero Wine Storage Model Bottle Storage Picture Price
424 Wine Storage 46-Bottle

$3,140 – $3,665
424 Freestanding Wine Storage 46-Bottle

427 Wine Storage 132-Bottle

427R Wine Storage 78-Bottle

WS-30 Wine Storage 147-Bottle

$6,625 – $7,700
315W Wine Storage 26-Bottle

$2,180 – $2,465
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Great options for your home.

Do you need a wine cooler?

Whether you are a casual wine enthusiast or a wine expert with a passion, the benefits of having a wine cooler are, to say the least, undeniable. A wine cooler, just as the name suggests, is a type of refrigerator that is specifically designed to preserve and age wine. At the temperature of 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit, your wine is not only being preserved, but also ages perfectly, giving you a mellow yet coveted sensual taste. Besides, the first rule of storing and aging your wine is to keep it in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity, exactly what wine coolers offer.

While not every one may be able to fit a wine cooler into their budget, it goes unsaid that these units are essential, especially if you are looking to store a collection of wine or some few bottles. Either way, before you decide to invest in a wine cooler what with the obvious perks involved, you should know a thing or two about them.

Top benefits:

Keep your wine safe from natural light: Although your wine bottle may be made from thickly constructed and dark material, exposure to natural light and fluorescent light manages to destroy your wine’s flavor with time. However, with a wine cooler, your wine stays protected what with the solid doors and in-built light protection.

Vibration-free environment: Just like excessive heat, vibrations cause wine to age prematurely. Storing your wine in a wine cooler helps protect it against unnecessary vibrations. It is also because of this that you are advised to keep your wine cooler far from laundry machines.

Consistent temperature: Storing your wine in a normal house refrigerator makes your wine lose its taste. This occurs partly because of the vibrations and the temperature fluctuations. A wine cooler, however, maintains a constant temperature to store your wine in the short time and help it age perfectly in the long run.

Convenience: Instead of storing your wine in haphazard compartments, a wine cooler provides the best environment to store wine. Plus, with the wide variety of wine coolers in the market, you can always get one that fits in to your needs. Don’t worry about opening your refrigerator and having a bottle fall and break on the floor.

Hooks up to security system: Yes, the Sub Zero Wine Coolers can hook up to your security system so that if someone tries to access it without your permission you will get notified. That’s how serious this product is.

Choosing the right model

The wine cooler that you choose should have a combination of price; style; features and bottle capacity. If you’re the type of person who is going to have thirty or more bottles at a time, it’s important that the model you choose is one that can hold so much. Remember that it must fit into the space and you can always add more units if necessary.

We have seen some homes that have four or five different Sub Zero wine coolers in the same area. This is similar to what you’d see at a fancy downtown wine bar, except the same level of professionalism is offered in your own home.

The bottom line is that you’re spending a lot of money on your wine and it’s there for both entertainment and enjoyment. Don’t let it get ruined from having improper storage.

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